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Credit Trends

Credit Trends Faster, Cheaper, Better: The Beauty of E-Invoicing

Technology helps you collect payments faster.

Expert Opinion Best Practices in Collections In the Toolbox

Vendor or Lender?

New customers are a cause for celebration. But how often do you stop and ask, "What vendor was that company using before us? Why is it coming to us now?" The answers may surprise you.

Late-Stage Collection Letters

Last month, we offered advice and example letters for your initial collection attempts. Learn how to make the next steps.

eBook: How to Get Your Customers to Pay

Credit and collection expert Michelle Dunn shares tips for getting the money owed to you. Download her latest book at no cost.

Tips from the Trenches

Tips from the Trenches Credit Professionals Share Quick Tips

Professionals in credit offer tips they've learned over the years. Stay current with trends and best practices.


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