1000 Customer Success Stories

The most important factor in evaluating a service is results -- and the results from our customers speak for themselves. Over 1000 times, someone took time out of their busy days to tell us how we positively affected their companies and their lives. You can read some of these quotes in this document here.

Customer Results Report

The most important factor when evaluating a service is results. So, we collected the results reported by our Customers and published a Customer Results Report. It includes our Customer list and stories told in their own words. You get this report if you attend our webinar, “Coffee with AngelVision.” 

450 Industry Honors & Awards

More than 450 times our work has been recognized as the best in sales, advertising, innovation, viral marketing and ROI. We don't settle for just being ‘good enough'. We constantly measure our Customers’ results and improve our processes. This document lists these awards.

Inc. Magazine 500 / 5000 Listings

We’re passionate about results. This might be why we’ve been listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US… not for one year, but for seven consecutive years. According to Founder and CEO, Mike Jingozian, “We have a culture and business model that attracts great people who do great work.”